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Why is Qingdao yingchun machinerySteel siloproduct quality so good?

Why is it so popular?

The initial investment of steel plate library is low

Several patented technologies are adopted to facilitate the operation and the warehouse rate reaches 95%

Long working life

The steel plate has good overall performance, environmental protection, energy saving, saving land, long life, can use 50 years

High strength

The continuous spiral bite of the steel plate is five times the thickness of the parent material, which greatly enhances the loading capacity of the steel plate

Gas tight performance

It is used to bend, bite, and to ensure the quality of any part of the silo

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Classic customer cases

Over the years, Qingdao yingchun machinery has successfully provided high quality steel plates for thousands of enterprises

Good manufacturer Strength Guaranteed

Qingdao yingchun machinery is dedicated to providing high quality steel plates for enterprises

Advanced technology; well-equipped

The company has a dedicated, rigorous and efficient technical team; With good professionalism and excellent professional skills.

The technology of spiral edge steel plate silo making technology is west Germany patent, its technical feature is the spiral bit edge, with its construction speed fast, the sealing performance is good, the structure is novel and promoted.

Unique construction methods; Improve efficiency

Using the spiral bending principle, equipment, the unit after the scene in place, will be 495 mm wide plate bending by the uncoiler into molding machine rolled into the required geometry, incorporated into the bending machine bending, bite, around the warehouse wall lateral form a 30 mm to 40 mm wide

Five times the thickness of the shell of the spiral bite continuous convex strip, using the support bracket to complete the steel plate, automatically lift to the required height and then fall into the warehouse.

Strict quality management process to ensure high quality

Many international quality certifications, the layers of strict quality inspection

The company adopts the advanced production technology of the world advanced assembly steel plate, and actively conducts technological innovation and research and development, and has obtained many national patents in related fields.;

At the same time passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

24 hours of free consultation to make the service more intimate

Professional r&d, design, production and installation teams

We provide a series of services for customers from process design, automation control to steel plate warehouse, transportation, cleaning, dust removal and supporting equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and personnel training.

National consultation hotline: 15853230568

Telephone: 15853230568

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Qingdao yingchun machinery co. LTD

Qingdao chun machinery co., LTD. Is specialized in the production of prefabricated steel silo and relevant corollary equipment of high-tech enterprises, the company adopts the world advanced fabricated steel silo manufacturing technology, and actively to technical innovation and research and development, obtained several national patents in the related field. At the same time passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Our products are mainly for feed, rice, oil, national storage, port, beer, starch, seeds, sugar, cement and other industries. Qingdao chun machinery co., LTD., the existing staff of more than 100 people, design and technical personnel 6 people, skilled workers more than 30 people, workshop on site installation personnel more than 50 people, plant covers an area of 3100 square meters, has a professional research and development, design, production and installation team, for the customer from the process design, automation control to the steel silo, transmission, cleaning and dust removal equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training, etc, to provide one-stop service. At the same time, we can provide a flat warehouse of 5t-1000t and 10t-10000t, which can be equipped with electronic temperature measurement, ven...

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